Pure Collagen Powder 750g


Pure Collagen Powder 750g

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To provide a highly bio available pure protein that delivers more than 90% protein
3 by weight, look no further than CollaPro.

Being the major protein that holds all living tissue together, collagen ensures the
elasticity, regeneration and integrity of everything from bones, to skin and cartilage.

Making up almost a third of all protein within the human body, one can understand
the integral part it plays in supporting joints, retaining the elasticity of our arteries
and assisting in the prevention of plaque build-up.

The challenge, however, is that our bodies begin to slow the natural production
of collagen at around the age of 20 which results in the gradual deterioration
of collagen fibers in all our connective tissue.

It is easily noticed by the onset of sagging skin or aching joints, however, less
noticeable affects may include internal changes such as the en larging of the
prostate, heart tissue and even loss of bone density.

It is unfortunate that our daily diets do not contain nearly enough vitamins and
minerals to maintain and support crucial bodily functions such as gut integrity
when consuming large protein molecules from things such as meat.

Consuming 100% hydrolyzed pure collagen can see improved health in as
little as three months.

Packed full of amino acids, it forms the building blocks for a healthier and fuller life.