baartman baardolie – beard oil


a beard oil in tribute of our friend #christiaanbaartman’s music

‘n baardolie wat ons vriend #christiaanbaartman se musiek te vuur

30ml Dropper Bottle

NOTE: This products does not contain CBD



Pour Some

Shake the bottle well before you use it. Pour some of the product on your palms. The oil will awaken your sense with its fragrance!

Apply Some

Let your hands do all the talking! Spread the oil into your palms and nourish your hair with the natural ingredients of Juniper, Lime and Rosemary.

Relax Some

Rub the oil all around your hair and beard and make sure it reaches skin deep. The roots are needed to be properly energized so that the hair growth is maintained.

Feel Awesome!

Now give yourself a slick and sleek look by styling up your hair and beard.