Alkaline Water FAQ

Alkaline Ionized Water Frequently Asked Question’s

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water that has a pH higher than 7.0. However, just because water has a pH higher than 7 doesn’t automatically make it alkaline water that is good for you. The method in which alkalinity is achieved plays a significant role in whether or not alkaline water is actually beneficial to you.

In our water’s alkalinity of pH 10 is achieved with a proprietary ionization process, one that creates a highly beneficial and supercharged ionized alkaline water. This process to achieve alkalinity is much superior to alkalinity achieved by other processes used by inferior alkaline water manufacturers, such as dissolving of natural minerals or dissolving of Sodium Hydroxide.

What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

Water contains minerals that contain ions. Ions are atoms that are either positively or negatively charged. Ions with positive charge make a water acidic while ions with a negative charge make water neutral or alkaline. Ionized alkaline water like SupplyPharma PH10 is water wherein an ionization process results in a negative ion water base, making the water highly alkaline.

Why is SupplyPharma PH10 Better for Me?

SupplyPharma PH10 is water with a perfectly alkaline pH of 10. What makes SupplyPharma PH10 special is that the process to achieve an alkalinity of pH 10 is a proprietary supercharged ionization processes. The result is water that is both ionized as well as alkaline, giving your body hydration from alkaline water that provides a host of great benefits for your health, wellbeing and vitality.

How is SupplyPharma PH10 Produced?

SupplyPharma PH10 uses proprietary technology and processes that converts ordinary tap water into its trademark pH 10 alkaline water.

It entails a 5-stage purification process of tap water;

  1. Micron filters remove suspended particles from water
  2. An activated carbon filtration system removed organic chemicals, chlorine and its by products, pesticides and herbicides, significantly improving water’s taste and odor
  3. A sophisticated reverse osmosis (RO) system is used to remove 99% of dissolved solids such as salts, metals, heavy metals, cysts, viruses or bacteria
  4. Filtered water is then infused with trace amounts of our proprietary alkaline blend, that includes potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium
  5. A proprietary ionization process is used to supercharge the water, creating a negative ion base that results in water with a high alkaline value of pH 10

What does SupplyPharma PH10 taste like?

SupplyPharma PH10 tastes exactly like water, but with a light, smooth and refreshing taste to it. You probably are worried about taste as you might have associated a high level of alkalinity with water used in batteries. SupplyPharma PH10 is not like water used in car batteries! Using a proprietary ionization process, SupplyPharma PH10 produces water that does not have even a trace of a metallic taste to it. Just a natural and refreshing taste!

Can I Store SupplyPharma PH10 in the Refrigerator?

Yes, of course. SupplyPharma PH10 can be consumed cold, after being stored in the refrigerator. Whether or not SupplyPharma PH10 is refrigerated does not make a difference to whether the pH 10 alkalinity of the water is maintained.

Can I Store SupplyPharma PH10 at Room Temperature?

Yes, SupplyPharma PH10 can be stored at room temperature. With a stable shelf-life of up to 3 years, SupplyPharma PH10 can be safely stored in your pantry, refrigerator or cabinet in your home, even when not refrigerated.

Will SupplyPharma PH10 Lose its Alkalinity if it is Heated?

SupplyPharma PH10 remains largely unaltered by heat and is a great choice of water to make hot beverages like tea or coffee. Alkalinity is very marginally affected when SupplyPharma PH10 is subject to heat. But, the benefits of SupplyPharma PH10 are never ever compromised, even when heated.

Why Won’t pH Strips Show SupplyPharma PH10 as Alkaline Water?

pH strips or litmus strips, commonly used to test pH of urine or saliva need Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) of at least 150 ppm to provide an accurate reading. SupplyPharma PH10 is very pure and has TDS levels of less than 50 ppm, which means that its pH cannot be tested by pH or litmus strips that are meant for liquids that are impure.  

To test SupplyPharma PH10, we recommend that you use a calibrated pH meter.

Why is SupplyPharma PH10 Only 99.99% Pure and Not 100% Pure?

Water purity is measured by measuring the amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) in water. In SupplyPharma PH10, our filtration process actually achieves 100% purity. But, we deliberately add back a proprietary blend of minerals to create an alkaline base. This deliberate addition of trace amounts of solids increases the total dissolved solids in our water, thereby reflecting in a 99.99% purity score, as opposed too 100%.

However, one must understand that SupplyPharma PH10 with its 99.99% purity is as good as or better than 100% pure water, as beneficial alkaline elements are added to our water.

Are SupplyPharma PH10 Bottles Recyclable?

Absolutely. SupplyPharma PH10’s plastic bottles are not just recyclable, but are graded as virgin PET-1 bottles, the type of plastic that is most recycling-friendly. Our bottles can be recycled at any certified recycling facility in South Africa.

Our bottles are also BPA (Bispehnol A) and phthalate free.

Does SupplyPharma PH10 Contain Fluoride or Chlorine?

No, SupplyPharma PH10 does not contain fluoride or chlorine.

Is SupplyPharma PH10 Better than Water Provided by In-Home Treatment or Filtration Systems?

Yes, SupplyPharma PH10 is purer and more beneficial than water provided by in-home treatment and filtration systems. In-home filtration or water treatment devices like below-counter filters or water ionizers usually use only a one or two step purification process.

SupplyPharma PH10 on the other hand is produced by a 5-step filtration process that includes micro-filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, alkaline infusion and then with a final proprietary supercharged ionization process, resulting in 99.99% pure water, a purity level far superior to what can be provided by in-home filtration systems. Moreover, SupplyPharma PH10 is produced in an ISO 22000 manufacturing plant, ensuring maximum quality and adherence to very stringent health and safety laws.

Will SupplyPharma PH10 lose its alkalinity when it passes through an acidic stomach?

SupplyPharma PH10 is largely unaffected by the stomach. The human body is designed in such a way that some of the water you drink is absorbed into the body even before it reaches the stomach. Even when water reaches the stomach, it remains largely unaffected by the stomach’s hydrochloric acid as the stomach simply does not produce acid when you drink water.

Additionally, only a part of your stomach contains hydrochloric acid, allowing most of SupplyPharma PH10 that you drink to pass through to the intestinal tract, where its benefits are reaped. Several published Japanese studies have shown that alkaline water like SupplyPharma PH10 significantly improve gastrointestinal health, thereby proving that alkalinity of such water is not affected when passed through the stomach.

Further proof is the fact that hundreds of customers of SupplyPharma PH10 have personally testified that their urine pH has become far more alkaline than normal, after they have consumed SupplyPharma PH10.

What is the Proof that SupplyPharma PH10 is Safe to Drink?

SupplyPharma PH10 is produced in a certified ISO 22000 facility. This essentially means that our water is produced in a facility free of microbial contamination. An ISO 22000 certification is only awarded to those facilities that meet very stringent international requirements relating to cleanliness and compliance with numerous health and safety protocols.

In addition to being produced in a microbe free facility, SupplyPharma PH10 takes the extra precaution of filling every one of our bottles with a trace amount of ozone gas, as a second preventative measure to eliminate microbial contamination. These trace amounts of ozone eliminate microbial contamination, if any, before converting to oxygen form in the water, making it perfectly safe for consumption.

SupplyPharma PH10 has also been rigorously tested for shelf life longevity, being certified as safe to drink for 36 months from the date of bottling, whether or not it is refrigerated.

Is There a Limit to How Many Bottles of SupplyPharma PH10 I Can Drink in a Day?

There is no maximum limit to the amount of consumption of SupplyPharma PH10. It is completely safe for one to replace their entire regular water consumption with the consumption of an equivalent amount of SupplyPharma PH10. SupplyPharma PH10 recommends the consumption of 800 ml per 25 kg of body weight as the recommended water consumption per day. If one is involved in rigorous exercising, they can add 1 liter for every hour of exercise to the normal recommended amount of 800 ml per 25 kg of body weight.