Client Testimonials and Feedback

I started using SupplyPharma CBD Oil 2 months ago to help me with my anxiety.
I am now feeling a lot less stressed, more calm and have noticed it has helped me become a lot more focused. As a skateboarder and photographer, attention to detail and focus is always needed as I go about my daily routine. I often have with interrupted sleep and after taking it, it’s helped me sleep a lot better. I’m feeling happier and more relaxed now more than ever. (Dean from Edenvale)

Riaan gegaan vir MRI en behalwe gewone verwering van nek kon hul niks fout vind nie. Gaan nou weer 25ste vir verdere toetse. Maar dit gaan goed, pyn is heeltemal onder beheer….drink nou 5drup oggend en 10 drup aand…. (Druney)

Absolutely amazing service. Never any hassles getting products. Will definitely recommend to everyone. Products are amazing and really do improve health overall. (Marisa from Benoni)

Since I have been using the full spectrum 3000 MG CBD oil I have totally stopped using any pain medication for my hip . Which I was using on a daily basis. There is still some pain but not like before. I have noticed and remarkable improvement in my sleeping patterns. I feel more rested and calm. Find my stomach is much better with regular clockwork bowl movements. Constipation is something from the past.. There is also a remarkable change in my moods and mindset. Not as edgy and snappy as before. Feel very comfortable and calm. It’s much easier going through a day without stressing out so much. My Day to day decision making is a breeze where I am more focused and at ease.

I just want to show some appreciation to CBD and SupplyPharma By taking CBD Oil. I have really seen a huge difference in my life. My anxiety has faded. I sleep better where I could not sleep at all.I also train alot and all the pain and ac I don’t have as major digestive issues. I just feel.. wholesome. The weight is off my shoulders finally. I was so fed up with how depressed i got for not sleeping and resting my body. I was either sick to my stomach or felt like a zombie. CBD has improved my day to day life significantly and I hope others find it as beneficial as I have!

I can highly recommend the CBD oil. My daughter that suffers from severe mood swings and aggression due to neurological damage to her brain that has left her very developmentally delayed and non-communicative has had very good results. She is overall a lot calmer and happier. She is 12yrs old. (Vanessa from Benoni)

My son has been under a lot of stress and was playing/fidgeting with his hair to the point that he started developing a bold spot. After 1 week of using SupplyPharma CBD shampoo and conditioner the spot has developed new hair and started looking way better. It is now a month later and it is completely gone.

Ons altwee
voel die beste wat ons in ‘n week gevoel het! Dit is die 1ste oggend wat ek nie met kopseer en lyfpyn wakker word nie. Dawie het nog bietjie lyfpyn vanoggend maar voel ook beter as ander dae. Hopelik is die res van die dag ook beter as die vorige dae👍
Ek is nogsteeds warm en raak moeg maar dis
beslis beter!
Hi daar, gaan weer beter as gister, my simptome is minimaal, Dawie nog baie lyfpyn. Ek glo die pille help om vinniger oor die ding te kom😃 (Susan From Brentwood)