We started in the Health and CBD Industry after seeing the effect that Pharmaceuticals has had on not only people all over the world but also to people close to us.
We strive to supply Superior Health supplements and Medical grade CBD that will help people live a better life and enjoy every moment. 

– We pride ourselves in delivering only top-quality products

– We use Organically grown Cannabis products only

– All our extraction methods are best in class using alcohol and Butane extraction.This ensures that the correct extraction method is applied to the correct products

– We manufacture both CBD full spectrum Cannabis products and NON-CBD Products, ensuring we cover all customer requirements covered by Cannabis and non-cannabis based products

– Our products are produced in a professional lab environment to ensure not only quality, but also hygiene of the products

– Our products are used by people all over, including professional sportsman, Dr’s and many more

– Our products have been developed with assistance from local as well as international experts

– All our strains we use to create our products are selected carefully as they are the best in class for specific types of treatments

– We are a business dedicated to bringing the benefits of Cannabis health to the larger market. As such we try to keep our pricing as affordable as possible

-We pride ourselves in delivering the best products at the most affordable prices.

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